FUMC People

The Staff of First United Methodist Church

Church Office
303-442-3770 x101
Email the Church Office
office at fumcboulder dot org

Ellie Brown (formerly Kanaar)
Director of Family Life Ministries, and Office Manager
303-442-3770 x136 or x101
Email Ellie
ekanaar at fumcboulder dot org

Jessica Harbeson
Communications Director
303-442-3770 x133
Email Jessica
jharbeson at fumcboulder dot org

Gerald Holbrook
Director of Music and Organist
303-442-3770 x139
Email Gerald
mawaka at aol dot com

Matthias Krier
303-442-3770 x134
Email Matthias
mckrier at gmail dot com

Heidi Lewis
Youth Coordinator
303-442-3770 x101
Email Heidi
hlewis712 at gmail dot com

Celene Lillie
Director of Adult Education and Spiritual Formation
303-442-3770 x135
Email Celene
clillie at fumcboulder dot org

Donna Plain
303-442-3770 x101
Email Donna
dplain at fumcboulder dot org

Francisco Ruiz
303-442-3770 x116
Email Francisco
cisco at fumcboulder dot org

Anna Schoettle
Office Assistant
303-442-3770 x101
Email Anna
aschoettle at fumcboulder dot org

Bob Sobchak
Building Manager
303-442-3770 x137
Email Bob
rsobchak at fumcboulder dot org