Spiritual but not Religious

Here at First United Methodist Church of Boulder, we believe that human beings experience longing for meaning, purpose, connection to others and a desire for transcendence beyond oneself. From early in the history of humanity, religions emerged and evolved in response to that longing.

But we also know that while the institutions spawned by religion have had many positive influences, they also at times have inflicted great pain. For that reason, many people consider themselves to be “spiritual but not religious.”

We believe that how we treat each other and the world we live in is far more important than any recitation or adherence to a particular dogma. We feel that those who are spiritual seekers should be welcomed with open arms regardless of the path to compassionate action they might choose.

FUMC Boulder offers various opportunities to those who consider themselves Spiritual But Not Religious. We welcome individuals to explore these opportunities and share in our community of compassion.

Our Labyrinth

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