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“Ecclesiastical Disobedience:” A Letter to The Daily Camera’s Open Forum on Behalf of the Church Council of First United Methodist Church of Boulder

Bishop Karen Oliveto

Ecclesiastical Disobedience Under the cloud of President Trump’s executive order that affirms the right to discriminate under the banner of “religious freedom”, we feel compelled to address the Camera article of April 25th about the United Methodist Judicial Council’s trial

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First United Methodist Church’s Perspective on the Attention Homes Project


First United Methodist Church’s Perspective on the Attention Homes Project Support for the Homeless First and foremost, the Church supports Attention Homes Apartments because it is consistent with our core values and mission to support the disadvantaged and disenfranchised. Consistent

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Announcing the Appointment of Our New Pastor, the Rev. Matthias Krier

Della and Matt Krier

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 A Letter from Our Staff Parish Relations Committee: The Rev. Matthias Krier Appointed as Our New Pastor A week and a half ago, our Staff Parish Relations (SPR) Committee received word from our District Superintendent, Skip

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Pastoral Ponderings: The Process of Appointing a New Pastor for Our Church


Pastoral Ponderings November 18, 2016 The three weeks I’ve been with you have been a whirlwind! It’s been great to come alongside you and the terrific staff here at First UMC. I’ve had some wonderful conversations with people at the

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Pastoral Ponderings: Election Thoughts, and Listening Times


Pastoral Ponderings November 11, 2016 I am pondering this week’s election. And pondering what it means about this country–who we are and what the future holds. And I ponder as one who had hoped that the election would have gone

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Pastoral Ponderings: Hello from Rev. Dale Beck, Our Interim Senior Pastor


Pastoral Ponderings October 28, 2016 Dear Friends, The Ponderings this week come from a new voice and a new heart. Let me first introduce myself. I have been asked by Bishop Karen Oliveto and Superintendent Skip Strickland to be your

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February Update from Diantha and Steve Hodges

Steve and Diantha Hodges are United Methodist missionaries working in East Africa. They are also relatives of our beloved Jean Hodges. Here is their update from February: February 7, 2016 Dear Family and Friends, We are having a chance to

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The Bumpy Road of My Faith Journey


Recently I received an email from one of our PFLAG members who was puzzled when she read that Rev.Frank Schaefer, a United Methodist pastor who had presided at the wedding of his gay son some six years ago, was forced to relinquish his ordination papers because he had defied the egregious rules of this church. The email read: “I thought the Methodist Church was open and welcoming … is this a different denomination or division? I found this odd …” I have never written about the struggles I have had as a life-long Methodist, but my response to the email compelled me to go to a deeper place to share my bumpy faith journey.

Steve and Diantha Hodges Mission Letter, February 2014

Dear Friends and Supporters,
I am waiting 30 more minutes to go to the airport to return to Africa!!! Thank you for all the donations which have been given to my personal support through Individual Volunteers in Mission (IVIM) and for the work there through Advance Specials. This work could not be done without your support. I have had an absolutely wonderful and deeply refreshing leave time in the U.S. which was very much needed. I am thankful to so many for their prayers and support, and that I can be renewed to now face the days ahead.

Heartfelt Cafe Article


Click HERE to read a new article featuring our Heartfelt Cafe written by our own Diane Schwemm!

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