Young Adult Methodists (YAMs)

Coming Soon: Fam First Weekends!

Mark your calendars! The first weekend of every month will be dedicated to activities and programming that the whole family can enjoy. Our first Fam First Weekend will be March 2-4.

Friday Night: Kid’s Club. 6-9pm. Drop off the kids at the FUMC nursery. We’ll enjoy dinner and games while parents go out and enjoy boring adult things.

Saturday Afternoon: Fun times at Scott Carpenter Park in Boulder. 3-6pm. Join us is fun activities like sledding or kickball. Bring the whole family!

Sunday Breakfast and Programs @FUMC: 9am:  Join us for free breakfast! 9:15: Youth bells. Children will enjoy music and arts with Preston. Parents will gather for family-centered topics of learning and discussion. 10:30: Worship. This month our discussions and worship will focus on LGBTQA issues in families and church.

The YAMs (Young Adult Methodists) is a group at FUMC geared towards gathering people in their 20’s through 40’s around events, topics, and projects that appeal to our generations. On the first Sunday of every month, the YAMs gather after service and head to a local restaurant for brunch, always a great time! The YAMs do many wonderful events such as ski retreats, service projects/volunteer work, happy hours, mountain house retreats, helping with projects at the church, and much more. All events are scheduled to create an opportunity to gather in fun and fellowship.

The YAMs main focus is to HAVE FUN!

Become a recognizable & visible group here at First Church, and invite people to share in our faith journey.

Offer another community at the church where people feel welcome to come, explore, and discuss issues that matter to our generation.

All are welcome, even the young at heart! There are so many ways to get involved, come check it out! To receive information about YAMS activities by being added to our e-mail list, send an email to or contact Christina Winnings at christina62684 AT yahoo DOT com. We look forward to seeing you!