MOJO – Mission, Outreach and Justice Opportunities

What is MOJO?

MOJO work in Haiti 2013

MOJO work in Haiti 2013

First United Methodist Church of Boulder (FUMC Boulder) has got some “MOJO” going on. So, what is MOJO? It is an acronym for Mission, Outreach and Justice Opportunities. MOJO’s charge is to “love our neighbor” or in the words of the Prophet Micah, “love mercy, do justice, and walk humbly with God.”

Each Sunday, using words from John Wesley, we commit to “Do all the good you can; by all he means you can; in all the places you can; at all the times you can; with all the people you can; as long as ever you can.” MOJO seeks to put these words into action.

The focus of MOJO in 2013 is to provide opportunities for action, advocacy, education and “hands on” mission and justice experiences. Our pastors challenged every member of FUMC Boulder be involved in hands-one mission or justice ministry in some way this year. This challenges everyone to find opportunities to express the compassion of God that is in every human being. MOJO is not a committee. It is hands-on mission and justice work that includes opportunities for:

  • Short term hands-on mission and justice teams, working locally, nationally and internationally
  • Connecting FUMC Boulder with justice groups in Boulder County and beyond
  • Learning about mission and justice work here and around the world
  • Offering financial support for mission and justice around the world

MOJO has a coordinating team, chaired by Ken Schmitt.

Hands-On Mission and Justice Teams:
Members and friends of FUMC Boulder have participated in work teams in Haiti, Kenya, Four Corners, for Habitat for Humanity and UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) West Depot and Crossroads Urban Center, Heartfelt Café (here at FUMC Boulder), Attention Homes, Kids First (mentoring at Whittier International School) and many more.

Connecting with Justice Groups:
FUMC Boulder knows the strength of congregations connecting with secular and religious justice groups. We connect with Attention Homes, OutBoulder, BCAP(Boulder County Aids Project), the Methodist Federation for Social Action, Church Within a Church, Reconciling Ministries Network, Western Methodist Justice Ministries, Boulder Bridge House, Habitat for Humanity and more. FUMC Boulder has a liaison with each of these groups.

Learning about Mission and Justice Work:

  • FUMC Boulder’s Adult Forum meets for conversation at 9:00 a.m. every in the Church Parlor. The presenters are people working for peace and justice in the world, locally and nationally. The forum ends in time for worship at 10:30 a.m. Recent subjects include health care, poverty, immigration, global debt, fracking and trafficking.
  • On the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 a.m. “Mission for Breakfast” meets at the Senior Gomez Restaurant in Lafayette on Public Street next to the florist. The group adjourns at 9:00 a.m. Recent subjects include “new concepts of mission,” Peace Jam and ending war on the Korean Peninsula. Mission for Breakfast explores new ways for each of us to be in mission.
  • FUMC Boulder offers occasional Community Conversations, usually led by our Theologians in Residence.
  • We regularly “Skype” with Diantha Hodges, our missionary in South Sudan, and publish her missionary letters.

2013 MOJO Monthly Offerings

Each month, MOJO invites FUMC Boulder members and friends to give money to selected projects. Contributions can be made on the website, during worship or mailed/brought to the church office.

January – United Methodist Special Offerings — Human Relations and Peace with Justice

February – BCAP (Boulder County Aids Project) offering and RMC (Rocky Mountain Conference) Aids offering

March (Easter offering) – FUMC Boulder’s Affirming and Welcoming Ministries, United Methodist World Service and United Methodist One Great Hour of Sharing

April – Giving Birth to Independence – A Nine Month Campaign to support FUMC Boulder’s Refugee Family

May – FUMC Boulder’s Scholarship Fund

June – Arts for the Kids Soul and Youth Mission Trip

July – Out Boulder

August – Boulder Bridge House

September – United Methodist Special Offerings: Student Day, Native American Ministries and World Communion Offering

October – Attention Homes

November (Thanksgiving offering) – Community Food Share (to be chosen or changed by children), UMCOR Disaster Relief and United Methodist World Service

December (Christmas offering) – Diantha Hodges (our missionary in South Sudan), Habitat for Humanity (to be chosen or changed by youth), United Methodist World Service

What these offerings do: