2019 Advent Devotional: Fri, 12/20

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Photograph by Eric Harbeson

Scripture: Luke 1:46-55

I am writing this reflection on Veteran’s Day. It is an appropriate time to reflect on seeking peace as we celebrate those persons who have given their service for the defense of our country. There are numerous conflicts going on in our world today, both armed and political, many created by barriers or efforts trying to erect new barriers.

Boulder has a unique way of marking Veteran’s Day. It is the day that the Boulder Star, which shines above the city on Flagstaff Mountain, is lit. This star shines through the Christmas season. It is a reminder in the season of Advent of the promise of the birth of Jesus for a vision of a new earth as in Isaiah 65:17-25. A vision of a place where God’s creation would be not only honored but nurtured, a place where the sting of untimely death would be no more, a place where the wolf and the lamb would lie together.

Mary’s Song of Praise in Luke 1 also envisions the promise of God. Those that are servants of God will be shown mercy and the lowly will be lifted. How can we receive this same favored relationship? Perhaps in this season of preparation, besides just prayer, we can exhibit kindness: to do a random act of kindness each day. It can be as simple as a smile to a stranger. It is breaking a barrier toward peace.

Prayer: Gracious God, the joy of Mary is palpable. May our hearts be open to hear your call. May we stop to recognize the signs that your mercy has shown us. May we work for the vision of a new heaven and a new earth, so that peace reigns. Amen.

~ Connie Takamine