2019 Advent Devotional: Mon, 12/9

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Photo by Johann Walter Bantz on Unsplash

Scripture: Isaiah 10:1-4

Isaiah 10:1-4 speaks against the proud oppressor who creates wicked and unjust decrees. Isaiah asks the corrupt, with power and wealth who are passing these laws, how they can turn aside the needs of so many. These needs of the poor, the widows, the orphans, not unlike those of color and culture we now turn away today. He asks, “what will you do when the time comes for judgment and you become slain or a prisoner, where will you leave your wealth?”

Isaiah is seen as a prophet of the coming messiah. Christians believe that messiah is Jesus (Yeshua), who is Jewish and was raised on the words of the Hebrew Bible. One can ask, what has changed in the almost 3,000 years since the prophet Isaiah, and the humble, loving preachings of the Christ, which echoes the words of Isaiah?

These many weeks, as example, one need only watch the news, the hearings of government politics or the murmuring of religion and even our own denomination, for unjust decrees and oppressive statutes. The poor, women and children, the Other, who exist at our borders and exist within our walls, who are subject to many “iniquitous decrees.”

And even so, Isaiah says, though God’s anger abounds, he has not turned away from us, “his hand is stretched out still.”

Prayer: Creator of us all and of all life and the world that exists, open our hearts, minds and spirit to embrace humility so as to not create power over all of life, but rather, to create loving kindness, peace and empowerment with all of life and so touch the hand of God. Amen.

~ Barbara Middleton