2019 Advent Devotional: Sat, 12/21

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Scripture: Luke 1:46-55

This particular passage is called the Magnificat, a song sung by Mary praising God. She sings this as a response to God choosing her to be the mother of Jesus. She is awed and humbled, she feels blessed, and she is thanking God for the great things God has done for her and for Israel. The song is her way of seeking peace for herself and making peace with her situation, and in turn bringing life to the greatest symbol of peace the world would ever know.

Most of us have probably felt like Mary at one time or another in our lives. We (Diane and Katie) have found ourselves in the midst of a challenging task that God has asked of us, and all too often we question God. We ask, “Why us God? Why have you chosen us, a lesbian couple, to help reconcile your church, a church that doesn’t fully accept us?” Instead of questioning, we need to thank God and sing praises for choosing us to bring peace to a broken community.

We are all faced with challenges and choices every day, and if we can learn to be humbled and thank God, we will find peace. Maybe if we can all step out in faith and trust and show a little more gratitude, we can break barriers together.

Prayer: Yahweh, thank you for making each one of us as different and unique as the tasks you give us. Teach us to respond as Mary did with a song of praise and joy in our hearts. Give us the faith and the humility necessary to face any barrier that looms, knowing your glory will be revealed and peace will come. Amen.

~Diane Beeman and Katie Warren