2019 Advent Devotional: Sat, 12/7

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Photo by CMDR Shane on Unsplash

Scripture: Isaiah 2:2-4

There have been many changes in our lives over the past sixty-plus years, some more terrifying than others. In 2020 we will be moving to Frasier Meadows’ new apartment complex. This will be a major uprooting after living in the same house for 50 years. Oh, the hidden corners. We are finding things we forgot we had.

How to Find peace? We have never lived with roommates. Will we enjoy having people next door and in our face all day long? We expect a lot of changes. We know there will be some barriers. We must prepare for life to be different. Will we be claustrophobic with only having two rooms after living with ten rooms? What will Dick do without his garage full of tools? I counted 42 screw drivers yesterday. Will we miss our own cooking? Dick only eats peanut butter, you know. Will strange noises keep us up all night?

However, we also know that we have a solid foundation with God as our guide. We have good friends and family. We have a loving community at FUMC. We have past experiences which have taught us that trusting in God, with Her help, things will work out. And this move is the best choice for us. So, we will meet the new challenges when they arise and trust in God.

Prayer: Lord, help us remember that we must bring all our worries to you in prayer. You break down barriers and bring peace when we can’t. Thank you for helping us make good choices. When we ask you to move mountains, as Jesus promised, remind us to bring a shovel to do our part. Amen.

~ Beth Hayward