2019 Advent Devotional: Thurs, 12/5

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Mills Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park
(Photo by Jessica Harbeson)

Scripture: Isaiah 2:2-4

The higher I go up a mountain, the closer to God I feel. Sitting at a lake above 11,000 feet in Colorado I am in awe, of the grandeur, of a sense of presence that surrounds me, of the clarity of mind that is available there. Pure being seems to be all around.

To say that the Lord’s House is a mountain, this is an “of course” to me. In the traditional spirituality in Peru, the mountains themselves are spirits, beings, places of pilgrimage. The house of the Lord, the mountain of the Lord is a place of Being that all people would want to know, to experience. The knowledge contained there is so precious that yes, “all nations shall stream to it.”

It is a knowledge that is so often missing today. Fighting, violence, war, defense against fighting and violence, these occupy so much of our minds whether we choose this or not. We don’t even know that there is something to stream to. And yet we crave it.

Somehow that teaching from Zion is still there. If I can reach far enough through the muck that is everywhere, if I can remember to think “I haven’t got a clue what it’s like to be black, or to live in Syria, or to be anything but a white, middle class USer,” then my mind is pointed in the right direction. If I can remember to be grateful, to thank God for anything about my life, a bit of barrier comes down. God is there, waiting for openings to “arbitrate for many peoples.” But that has to start with me. I have to make the opening in my mind for the knowledge to come in. I have to put down my defense of despair or whatever and open some door somewhere. I have to be willing to climb God’s Mountain.

Prayer: Thank you, God, for all the ways that you surround me and hold me. Thank you for opportunities I don’t see, and for helping me to see them. Thank you for bringing me up your Mountain, however long it takes. Amen.

~Anna Schoettle