2019 Advent Devotional: Tues, 12/17

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Scripture: Luke 1:46-55

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay
I interpret Luke 1:46-55 the following way: my actions on earth should reflect on and expand the goodness of God. God receives an equal amount of happiness from all his children – no matter how unimportant we might feel – and as such we are all equally blessed. Knowing him and loving him is available to all, and more rewarding than material riches. He is more powerful than all peoples and has used that power in all good ways. In times of adversity, he is the best source of help, hope and strength.

Prayer: God please help me remember your love for me, and your availability to me when I am sad, helpless and hopeless. Help me remember that the best way to reflect your love for me is for me to give help, hope and strength to others in their times of need. Most importantly, please know how thankful I am for having you always beside me. Amen.

~Lisa Dixon