We are still accepting donations during the coronavirus pandemic.

Donating via Mail

You may mail checks made payable to First United Methodist Church to the church office (mail is being checked weekly):

First United Methodist Church
1421 Spruce Street
Boulder, CO 80302.

Donating Online

Monthly Electronic Giving to FUMC:

  1. Click the Donate Now button below.
  2. Under ‘Donations’:
    • Specify monthly dollar amount for ‘General/Operating’
    • For ‘Donation Frequency’ choose ‘Monthly’
    • For ‘Donation Start Date’ choose the 1st or 15th of the month of your first electronic donation
    • Click the ‘Continue’ button
  3. Under ‘Donation Information’:
    • Fill in all the personal information, including email address
    • Choose the type of bank account from which money will be transferred. NOTE: It’s best to specify a checking account; if you specify a credit card account then 3% of your donation goes to the credit card company.
    • Fill in the remaining bank account information
    • Click the ‘Select Password’ button to choose a password
    • Click the ‘Process’ button to complete your setup. For later changes or additions (including doing one-time donations), you’ll now be able to sign in from the initial ‘Donations’ screen using your email address and password. You’ll simply need to fill in the dollar amount and purpose for your donation.
Donate Now

Electronic Giving for One-time Donations:

  1. Use the same steps as above, but for ‘Donation Frequency’ specify ‘One Time’.
  2. Choose any donation date.
Donate Now

Pledge for the 2021 Campaign

Please complete your online pledge card here:

Pledge Card
Address *
I/We plan to give the following amount: *
Donation frequency: *

How Your Donation is Used

We believe God is counting on us to actively and intentionally expand our outreach in Boulder, in Boulder County, along the entire front range and throughout the world. And we believe that we are the church that is saying yes to this challenge and invitation. We are saying yes to God. We are saying we want to step-out with a boldness that declares that God’s love is for everyone and that we are going to share that love right here and right now.

The dollars we give to the ministry, mission and outreach of our church are all about changed lives. The dollars we give are an investment in bringing God’s love to the world. The world desperately needs God’s love to come alive in as many ways as possible. God needs First United Methodist Church of Boulder to bring that love to the world.

The funds that members and friends donate to the church are used in a myriad of ways to support God’s work, including supporting outreach to various community organizations, mission trips to regions in need, scholarships for students, and the staff and programs of the FUMC community. First United Methodist Church of Boulder is a non-profit 501(3)(c) tax exempt religious organization. We provide quarterly statements of donations for your records.