Advent Devotional – Christmas Day – Friday, December 25

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Week 4 – December 25 – Peace, Love and Hope

Reflector: Rev. Mike Mather

Christmas Day

The promise of Christmas, the good news that comes in the presence of a baby, turns the world upside down.

In a tiny, nondescript corner of the world, a child is born. And all things are possible.

Those aren’t the wishes of a child coming down the stairs on Christmas morning saying that.

Mary sang what we call the Magnificat when she was pregnant. Now Jesus is born, and those words of radical justice, mercy and love come into the world in the shape of a powerless baby.

This baby causes Herod to respond in fear.

On this day all things are possible.

They are the words of people held in slavery who on Christmas Day would dance with freedom. The people who put them into slavery cowering in their houses, fearful of the faith of those they were enslaving becoming aware of their power.


Because on this day, on Christmas Day, all things are possible.

Prayer: Gracious God, you have turned the world and our lives upside down in the birth of Jesus. Thank you for this day when more than many others we can see that all things are possible. Amen.