Advent Devotional – Monday, November 30

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Week 1 – November 30 – Surviving the Pandemic

Reflector: Glenna Briant

My husband and I survived COVID-19. Did we get it at the grocery store, because we were both sick at two days interval? Not being able to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen, not being able to breathe with ease much less cook or eat, was exceedingly difficult. We, as many of you, are not used to being waited on, spoiled by the kindness of friends and neighbors. We want stability, not change!

But COVID-19 has changed many things. Our children, before March 2020, usually called us on FaceTime once a week. But their children had no school or friends’ visits after that time, so they began calling every day! CHANGE! It has brought us closer together.

People are wearing masks. Again change, but we can still see the smile in their eyes!

No traveling, but we can look at pictures and share our past travels with everyone!

No singing, but we still have music, and we sing at home – you should be singing at home too. Take out the hymnal and sing “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” It’s wonderfully uplifting!

Restaurants are almost off limits. But wasn’t our spring tea at Ruth’s home in September on Zoom quite wonderful! And it worked beautifully! We would never have dreamed of meeting that way without COVID-19. Now we can have many meetings in the same way with the wonderful ideas that are being discovered. What about bake sales, cookie sales, smorgasbord, tea on the patio, etc.?

CHANGE! It has come in so many ways! I am still bothered by the damage to my lungs, but it won’t stop me. I can have my daily devotions and Bible reading the same as before. Our Sunday services are so special. We worship together and have coffee hour together. Of course this, too, has changed dramatically, but we talk to so many more people than we could on usual Sunday mornings. Members who cannot get out are present! Isn’t it wonderful that we have the technology now to make it possible? My husband JP worked in technology all during his career. I can just thank him and all the others who have made it possible.

CHANGE is the rule of the universe since creation! We have to adapt to the good and compensate for the less good.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for the tech workers, engineers, neighbors, friends, children, care givers, fire fighters, and the list expands in every direction. We thank you in expectation of the birth celebration of Jesus Christ coming to us soon. Let us rejoice together. Amen.