Advent Devotional – Sunday, December 20

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Image by Muhammad Haseeb Muhammad Suleman from Pixabay.
Week 4 – December 20 – Peace, Love and Hope

Reflector: Youth Discussion with Connie Takamine

It was a real privilege to meet with the youth and have a discussion on the various issues that we are facing in the challenge of change. They are forming their own opinions (of course influenced by their parents and peers) and trying to “learn how to do good.” As is often said of youth, they are our hope for the future.

While they are not filled with optimism, they are striving to become engaged and contribute to remaking the world. They feel there is pressure on their generation to be the ones who help to realign the world.

Hope has not been in our vocabulary much in recent years. It seems like we have been living in a constant state of anxiety. While the recent elections did not entirely alleviate that anxiety, it seems that there may be a glimmer of hope, and that we may find some peace and spread the love of God. While the youth may be our hope, it is not just up to them, but we must all learn how to do good together.

Prayer: Loving God, we pray for Peace, the peace that was meant to be; we pray for Love, with the peace that it brings to each of us; we pray for Hope, to have peace on earth and the kin-dom of God. Amen.