Advent Devotional – Tuesday, December 1

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Image by SnapwireSnaps from Pixabay
Week 1 – December 1 – Surviving the Pandemic

Reflector: Tanner Lewis

I had to leave my construction job due to virus concerns because I worked closely with a workforce that was always changing. At work one day, I was surprised when another worker started talking about COVID being a farce. It was very concerning, and when I talked with my family about it, we all agreed that it wasn’t a safe environment, especially since we have a family of 5 to protect.

Having graduated with my BS in May 2019, it’s now been difficult to find an entry level position in my field. It seems that more experienced workers have filled many entry level positions after losing their jobs. I often feel that my generation is having a harder time getting something good started in their lives. Not hearing back from jobs I’ve applied for is getting very discouraging. I know that the market for job seekers would be a much different scenario if we weren’t living in pandemic times.

Having to live at home, after 4 years of living on my own, has been an adjustment that seems to challenge my sanity. On the other hand, living at home is helping me to save much more income from the odd jobs that I’m currently doing. I’m able to build up my savings, and what’s hopeful for me is planning for moving to my own place.

Right now there haven’t been many good things that have come out of the pandemic time frame since I feel like I’m not able to get my life started. But one good thing is that we got a dog, which I’ve wanted for quite a while. Having this new buddy is getting me outside more, enjoying the time with him. Another good thing that’s come out of the pandemic is that I’ve had more time to learn how to bake pies, which I’m really enjoying!

Prayer: Creator of all things, guide me in these difficult times as I strive to get my life started. Help me to use my gifts and talents as I seek to make my way in the world. Fill me with resilience as I continue to hope that better days are ahead. Amen.