Advent: Introduction to Week 4 Devotions

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Experiencing God as Love: Care of the Earth

When I can enter that space where I really notice the world around me—those moments where the beauty of creation just leaps out at me—God’s love seems to come into a particular kind of clarity. I am able to notice the perfection of the earth. I notice not just its beauty, which inspires me, but also its abundance, which provides me with the nourishment I need to sustain my life: the sunlight and the plants and the animals, the dance of creation which makes life possible, this dance of creation which gives its gifts unconditionally. In these moments I feel the love of creation and it almost seems like impulse to love creation back. One of the ways we can show this love is through our ever-urgent care for the planet—whose future hangs precariously in the balance—that gives us life. This final week of Advent, we’ll explore connections between experiencing God as love and care of the earth. As we prepare for Christmas, may we reflect on the gifts we might give to make the earth a livable place for all creation.

~ Celene Lillie