An Important Update on Our Re-Launch Plan

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For John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, the first General Rule was “do no harm!” This has been the guiding principle of the Mountain Sky Conference’s response to the current pandemic. At the outset of the pandemic, Bishop Karen Oliveto formed a task force to develop guidelines for church operations. Each church has set up a Re-launch Team to develop their own operational plan to submit to the Bishop for approval. Our Building Manager, Keith Heinzmann, is leading our team.

Our church’s Re-launch Plan has been approved, and you can CLICK HERE to read it.

We are not immediately going back to full operations or in-person worship, but will have a phased re-opening, starting with groups of 10 or fewer meeting in the church building. However, this will not happen until after the building renovations are complete. We are looking forward to returning to our building, but we are erring on the side of caution so that we “do no harm.”