Celebrating Communion during August

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Image by Bouf16 from Pixabay
During the month of August, First Church will be celebrating Communion each Sunday.

As we look forward to a time in the future when it is safe and healthy for us to gather to celebrate Communion in person, we will ALL be celebrating Communion together during the month of August, from wherever we are, during our online worship services on Zoom.

Below is a short video that Rev. Mike Mather created about celebrating Communion. Check it out!

Before each Zoom service begins: please prepare some bread and wine/juice for our Communion together. If you or someone you know would like to have Communion elements dropped off at your/their house before this coming Sunday, please send Stephanie Moffitt an email. We want to be sure that everyone, and anyone, who wants to celebrate Communion with us on Sunday can do so.

Questions? Want Communion elements delivered to you? Please reach out by email to Pastor Mike Mather or Stephanie Moffitt.