Giving Thanks

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“You need to know, friends, that thanking God over and over for you is not only a pleasure; it’s a must. We have to do it.  Your faith is growing phenomenally; your love for each other is developing so wonderfully. Why, it’s only right that we give thanks. We’re so proud of you; you’re so steady and determined in your faith despite all the hard times that have come down on you. We tell everyone we meet in the churches all about you.”
~2 Thessalonians 1:3-4 (Peterson Version, The Message)

I could not improve on these words from this letter to the Thessalonians. This Thanksgiving – I give thanks for you!

Our church family is committed to bringing the presence of God to the points of human need. We don’t just talk about it. We work at it! We intentionally care for others in so many ways. We honor and welcome people with so many different backgrounds and walks of life. We embrace diversity as a precious gift of God. When we live like this we make the words of I John 4:12 come alive: “No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God lives in us, and God’s love is perfected in us.”

This Sunday is our Thanksgiving Sunday. As we worship together we will have the opportunity to give thanks to God for all God has given us. One of the powerful ways we will be giving our thanks is through the dedication of our financial pledges for 2012.

During worship we will bring forward our 2012 Financial Commitment Cards and place them on our communion table. This is a tangible sign and symbol of our conviction that we love God best when we love others. This is a visible expression of the reality that we are a courageous faith community dedicated to diversity, inclusiveness, social justice, spiritual nourishment through many approaches, meaningful artistic experience and unconditional love. This is a bold affirmation that we are a church family where all can learn, grow, worship and serve without strings attached or hidden agendas. We are a precious place that creates sacred space where we all can be ourselves and be in relationship with a caring and compassionate community.

That’s something to be grateful for! And that’s something to invest in!

Thanks for your prayerful consideration of your 2012 financial commitment to our beloved church. Your generosity will make all the difference in the world.

Keep our beloved church in your prayers. I remember you in mine and I look forward to seeing you soon.
With love,