Holy Week – April 19

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0419_Bolane.Flatirons in Fall.72What First United Methodist Church Means to Me This Holy Saturday
by Pat Bruns

Focus Scripture: So Joseph took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen cloth and laid it in his own new tomb, which he had hewn in the rock. He then rolled a great stone to the door of the tomb and went away.
Matthew 27:59-60

What do we do with Holy Saturday? The first Holy Saturday was the Sabbath for our Hebrew ancestors in faith, who followed the historic Jewish rituals of their day with reverence and devotion. The Roman soldiers rested and relaxed; there was little trouble on a Sabbath.

Jesus closest followers barricaded themselves behind locked doors fearing that the ones who executed Jesus would come for them next. The women who walked with Jesus to the cross prepared what they would need to wash and anoint Jesus’ corpse at dawn the next day.

What do we do with Holy Saturday?

I will walk through Columbia Cemetery reflecting on the reality of death and the preciousness of life. Then I’ll take a walk in the foothills pondering the words of Psalm 121:
“I lift up my eyes to the mountains.
     Does my help come from the mountains?
No! My help comes from God
     who made heaven and earth and the mountains.”

Next I will walk through downtown Boulder and the park along Boulder Creek randomly giving away five $20 bills. I’ve done this for years. I do not know why I do this except to say it is a tangible act of kindness. I give them to homeless folks. Recipients may be surprised and delighted. No one, including me, will know quite how to respond.

My actions will anticipate the Easter story where all were surprised, some were delighted and no one knew how to respond.

Lenten Practice: Decide on a random act of kindness you will do today. Make it something that will surprise someone, something that for them will come out of the blue. Don’t explain your kindness.

Lenten Prayer: God of amazing surprises and endless kindnesses, help me make this Holy Saturday more than just another day. Lead me to think and to act in ways that surprise even me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.