Honoring the Holy Spirit, Caring for the Earth’s Water

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In the book Embracing Wholeness: An Earth Perspective For Covenantal Living, Jessica Stonecypher begins with an affirmation that everything that God has created is good. It is our world around us that God has created, and it is abundant and magnificent.

It is not possible to honor the holy spirit without honoring the world that God has made for us. By doing this we must begin tidying up. Earth’s diverse nature and wonder is a reflection of ourselves as we are the children of God. In my own words, it is as if you were having your grandparents over to visit. Typically, people don’t leave their house a mess when Grandma arrives. For someone we love and respect, such as God, we don’t honor God in our world when we do not take care of it.

Environmentcolorado.org says a similar thing: “America’s waterways only started to get cleaner when the people who lived near them began seeing them as places to cherish and protect, not exploit.”

As a country, in 2019 we have still not accomplished the goals of the Clean Water Act, passed in 1972; in section 101 of the Act, Congress stated the aim “to eliminate the discharge of pollution into the nation’s water.” Most Americans today do have clean drinking water. Most of us don’t intentionally pollute our water. Maybe it is that most of us feel out of control, or don’t know what to do. So what is going on?

It is the abandonment of the Holy Spirt. We often get tied up in our daily routines and work without ever acknowledging the divine God. This connection with God and the environment is one in the same. You can do something about it. You can create a world where people are connected with the holy spirit. The rest will fall into place.

~ Jennifer Watkins