Ideas to Save Water

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Written by Bonnie S., a member of the 11th Hour Calling monthly bell ringing group calling for action on climate change.

We offer ideas for climate action through saving water at four levels:

PERSONAL ACTION (from Bonnie S.)
Water and the Spiritual Level
1. Respecting water as a personal relationship — expressing love and gratitude and care in action
a. I bless the water I collect from the tap with Love before I drink it.
b. I thank the rain when it blesses us and the plants with its gift.
2. When I sit for morning meditation, I connect with the waters of the planet and give thanks and blessing to them as well as to the other elements. (Learned from the Thanksgiving Address of the Haudenosaunee)

Water and Personal Practices
3. I always collect every drop of water I run from the hot water faucet, waiting for it to get warm/hot. I keep it in quart jars for reuse to water plants, and wash veggies and fruits.
4. I turn off the water in the shower when I soap up my hair or my body — that saves a lot.
5. Most people think you have to turn on water full force to rinse dishes, your hands, veggies, but you don’t — I just use a very small flow of water and find it sufficient.

Water and Community
6. I signed on with Boulder Rights of Nature’s Resolution to give our Boulder Creek waters the legal right to be protected.
7. “Mini Wiconi” – Water is Life – Learning from and supporting the tribe of Standing Rock Sioux in their efforts as Water Protectors.
8. I won’t buy or use products that aren’t biodegradable and healthy for the water and never rinse toxic substances down the drain!

A list of 45 Ways to Conserve water from EarthEasy (think toilet, laundry, shower, hygiene, yard/garden, food choices).

A list of 100 ways to conserve water.

GLOBAL water projects like THIS ONE providing clean water across sub-Saharan Africa.

Suggestions from the United Nations:
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