Mondays this Fall: Dr. Celene Lillie leads FREE class on The Rape of Eve

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Dr. Celene Lillie, our church’s Director of Adult Education and Spiritual Formation, is also a Biblical scholar and author of the book The Rape of Eve: The Transformation of Roman Ideology in Three Early Christian Retellings of Genesis. Over 6 Monday evenings this fall, September 10–October 15, 7:00-8:30 PM in the youth room (second floor), Celene will lead a free study of her book. Though reading along is not mandatory, it will help to facilitate a richer conversation. Our church library has a copy of Celene’s book, and it is also available for purchase from Fortress Press.

Each week, Celene will center the conversation around one chapter of her book:

September 10th: Introduction and Chapter 1: “‘The king gave the sign to assault their spoils…’: The Mythologic of Rape, Marriage, and Conquest”

September 17th: Chapter 2 “‘One loves, the other flees…’: Daphne, Apollo, and Ovid’s Metamorphoses”

CANCELED September 24th: Chapter 3 “‘And they lusted after her…’: The Rape of Eve and the Violation of the Rulers”

October 1st: Review of Chapter 3; Chapter 4 “‘And so they convicted themselves…’: The Rulers and Resistance”

October 8th: Chapter 5 “‘But she could not be grasped…'” Thinking through the Rape of Eve”

October 15th: Epilogue and Course Closure

Preeminent Biblical scholar and author John Dominic Crossan of DePaul University offers this review of Celene’s book:

“Celene Lillie’s The Rape of Eve is both ground-breaking and breathtaking. Her three Nag Hammadi texts, On the Origin of the World, The Reality of the Rulers, and the Secret Revelation of John oppose Roman imperial theology not just in itself but as the present material investment of a primordial cosmic aberration. This changes absolutely how we read these three texts—and other “Gnostic” ones like them as well.”

Don’t miss this opportunity! Come to all 6 classes, or as many as you can…it’s perfectly OK to come to class even if you have to miss a week or two. Join us! Absolutely EVERYONE is welcome.

Celene Lillie

Celene Lillie, M.Div., Ph.D. is the Director of Adult Education and Spiritual Formation at First United Methodist Church in Boulder, Colorado, an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, and a member of the Jesus Seminar. She is the author of The Rape of Eve: The Transformation of Roman Ideology in Three Early Christian Retellings of Genesis, the director of translations for A New New Testament, and a co-author of The Thunder Perfect Mind: A New Translation and Introduction.