The Story of Pentecost

In the life of the church this Sunday (May 27) is called Pentecost Sunday. We will read the story of the first day of Pentecost found in Acts 2:1-21 and we will think about what that first day of Pentecost has to do with this year’s day of Pentecost.

As we enter that very first day of Pentecost we remember that Jesus had been executed by Rome a little over seven weeks earlier. There had been a few stories that suggested that Jesus’ death had not really stopped the work and the way of Jesus. Some were beginning to suggest that it was still possible to bring God’s love to the world in the ways that Jesus did. Others were beginning to realize that not even death can stop God’s extraordinary love.

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Sacred Bites Commentary

It’s been awhile since we have sent out a commentary on the selected scripture to our extended Sacred Bites community. Some of you noticed its absence and urged its return. The bad news is that Sacred Bites will be taking a break from meeting together at the Lazy Dog Saloon from now through the month of June. The good news is that we will resume on July 10 and promise to be more faithful about sending out our comments following those Tuesday gatherings. Here are some thoughts from Becca on this week’s lectionary Gospel, John 15:26-16:12. Check back with us in July for more comments!

Folks who use the passage below principally as foundation for an intellectual exposition of a doctrine of the Trinity are missing a large portion of the story. Jesus wasn’t offering a seminary-class lecture on doctrinal nuances about the relationship between Father/Mother, Son and Holy Spirit (as intellectually fascinating as that might be).

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Thank you!

Today I want to say thank you to you all.

Thank you for your care for my father, my family and me. My 86-year-old Dad had a series of strokes early in May. Dad is now in a care center near Chicago receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy. Your words, calls, notes, emails, prayers and hugs have made the sustaining love of God come alive. Thanks.

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The Heart of the Art by Barb Frey

I believe that the source of our creativity is the inner connection we have to our creator God. After all, we are an intimate part of the Creation. Matthew Fox says “Creativity is the place where the divine and the human are most destined to interact.”

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Moving Forward from General Conference

Yesterday (Thursday) even as the Colorado Civil Union Act moved out of the House Judiciary Committee with bipartisan support, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church defeated all changes that would remove from The Book of Discipline the discriminatory and hateful language that declares that homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching, that self-avowed practicing homosexuals cannot be ordained, that United Methodist pastors cannot officiate at same sex marriages or even bless holy unions, and that such services cannot be held in our church buildings.

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Hope and Rainbows

I would like to share a couple of things today. First, the opening week of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church ends tomorrow. General Conference began with major speeches from the Council of Bishops, Laity and Young United Methodists. The Young United Methodist presentation featured Krin Ali, a member of Park Hill United Methodist Church in Denver.

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