ONLINE Ash Wednesday Service:
February 17, 6 PM

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
On Ash Wednesday we begin our Lenten journey: From There to Here. We invite you to make the journey with us!

We’ll gather at 6:00 pm MST on Wednesday, February 17 on a variety of ONLINE platforms…you can choose among First Church’s website (this page…scroll down for the worship video), Facebook page, and Vimeo channel. There will be NO in-person service on Ash Wednesday.

Watch our Ash Wednesday service BELOW. Click the large arrow at the bottom left of the image to start the video. Make sure you have your sound turned on! If you want to watch the service full-screen, look to the bottom right corner of the image, and click the icon that looks like 4 arrows pointing in opposite directions, right next to the Vimeo logo.

You may also join us for our service on Facebook or on our Vimeo channel. You do not need to create accounts to watch the service on Facebook or Vimeo.

We will not be offering the imposition of ashes this year due to the pandemic. Instead, when you join us for Ash Wednesday worship, we invite you to have a little oil close by (olive oil works well, but just use whatever you have at home) so you can mark your forehead with oil during the service.

Thank you for joining us! YOU are the Light of the WORLD!

Wishing you and your dear ones blessings in this Lenten season!