Stewardship for the Environment:
FUMC Then and Now

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Stewardship for the environment is not new at FUMC. The worship theme for Sunday, April 18, 1970, was based on “Earth Day,” and many members were recycling newspapers at that time. Block leaders for Eco-Cycle volunteered and helped collect papers before curbside pick up began. It has been fairly easy to be an environmentalist in Boulder for many decades. In addition to recycling, we have access to public transportation, information on conservation and protection of precious water, classes on native plants and best garden practices, plus direct access to first-rate scientific research conducted right here in our community.

The hard part comes now as global warming, more frequent and severe weather events, and dire predictions give a short 10 years to take some major actions. There is hope, but it will take major changes in the developed world.

Join with me in becoming informed and advocating for policy changes at the state, national, and international levels. Think green and join the team!

~ Ginny Wells