TIR Hal Taussig Returns in August

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On two upcoming Sundays, August 12 and 26, come to two special Forum programs (9:00 am in the church parlor) entitled “Facing Futures: Dark, Winsome, Bright, and Violent,” led by author, professor, pastor and returning Theologian-in-Residence (TIR), Dr. Hal Taussig.

These 75-minute sessions combine spiritual exercises, conversation, and the reading of a recently-discovered early Christ movement document called The Secret Revelation of John. The purpose is for individuals to find some ground to stand on in the tumultuous times our nation faces. Each session does not focus on theories or pearls of wisdom by Professor Taussig, but rather gentle and incisive times of meditation in clear view of dangers, joys, daily routines, and struggles of life in our time. The sessions offer ways to recognize loss, threats, beauty, and comfort without them canceling one another out. The ancient document does not magically predict anything, nor does it contain secret messages from a lost time. Rather, alongside 21st century poetry and meditation, it provides helpful and somewhat new images, tenderness, and insight for being alive and lively in troubled times.

Hal Taussig is a recently-retired professor and United Methodist pastor. The most recent of his 14 published books is Re-Reading the Gospel of Mark Amidst Loss and Trauma. His mediography includes The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Daily Show, People Magazine, Newsweek, National Public Radio, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC, The Bob Edwards Show on Sirius Radio, The History Channel, and The Washington Post.

Hal Taussig will also preach in our 10:30 AM worship service on August 12 and August 26. On August 12, his message will be Expanding the Possibilities of Thanksgiving. Holy Communion will also be celebrated at this service, and as always, absolutely EVERYONE is welcome to take communion. On August 26, Hal’s message will be Sanctuary Weather: Very Cloudy based on I Kings 8:1,6,10-11, 22-30, 41-43.

To learn more about the Theologian-in-Residence program at First United Methodist Church of Boulder, please visit our TIR page.

All are welcome for worship, for our Forum programs, or both! Since 1997, First United Methodist Church of Boulder has been a Reconciling Congregation, fully welcoming of all persons, including people of all sexual orientations and gender identifications. Join us!