Tuesday, December 14

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2021 Advent Devotional: In the Midst of Changing Ways – Many Gifts, One Spirit

Week 3: The Gift of Love

Reflector: Jennie Elliott

During this pandemic, the sustaining presence for me has been the love and care of friends. As so many of life’s normal pleasures were taken for us for a time, we focused on what we could do, and on what mattered most to us. What mattered most to me was connecting with friends in new ways and caring for one another.

My church family has been a lifeline during this time. Just being able to see you all on a Zoom screen and chat after Sunday services made up for the lack of a coffee hour. Knowing you were still there. The occasional outdoor gathering, such as when we met Mike for the first time in backyard parties.

New friends came into my life, and we cared for one another on weekly hikes, checking in on our prior weeks. Colleagues from work logged in for weekly “social hours” just to see each other again, and check in on each other’s families. I became better acquainted with a woman I’d known briefly, but discovered during the past year that we live 2 blocks away from one another. So a friendship blossomed where none was there before. Delightful, this love business!

The love of our families became even more precious than before.

Prayer: God, may we share the gift of love in our daily interactions with your children. Amen.